The Auto Club car hire agency in Athens Greece, which is situated in the suburb of Maroussi only 15 minutes from Airport of Athens and near to many of the major highways and streets of the city, is a reliable, independent and highly professional agency that provides qualitative services for car hire in Athens and the greater Attica region.

The Auto Club’s Car Hire Athens fleet includes a wide range of car models. It’s your choice which vehicle you will drive. Our fleet has compact, family cars, mini vans and sports cars, catering for all types of drivers visiting Athens for a business trip or vacation. For any assistance in selecting the car, you may contact our highly trained personnel who will help you in your decision, informing you of all models from simple conventional cars up to luxury cars for hire. Depending on your needs and your driving style, our personnel will steer you.

We are one of the most organized agencies in Athens. We are effective. We provide reliable car rental services. We deliver and collect the car of your desire totally free at Athens Airport and other destinations throughout the city. With your arrival in Greece, your chosen car will be waiting for you at the gate of the airport. For the only thing that you should not need to worry is your rides in Athens.

An associate of our company will be waiting for you at your arrival gate and will take you directly to your vehicle. Very easily you will locate him. He will be holding up a sign with your name. Our associate will be solely at your disposal to help you with anything you may need. We deliver and collect your car in the entire city of Athens as well as in the ports of Piraeus and Rafina. Please contact us and we will immediately respond.