The safety of our customers and staff is our first priority and we closely follow the news, information, advice and guidance from the World Health Organization and the National Public Health Organization regarding the spread of  coronovirus, in order to protect and contribute to the disruption of the transmission chain.

Specifically our company:



What should I do if I am obliged to enter or am already in self-isolation following the relevant orders of the authorities regarding the prevention of transmission of Coronavirus (COVID -19) and I can not return the rented vehicle?

In this case, please contact us while avoiding contact with the vehicle and its keys.

If I have a rental vehicle and I test positive for Coronavirus (COVID -19), what should I do?

In case you are positive for coronavirus (COVID -19) please contact us immediately.



Have you changed anything in the way you clean your cars?

After each rental, the vehicle is thoroughly cleaned, both externally and internally. We use EOF-certified products and procedures, and all employees involved in the process of delivery and receipt of vehicles follow specific instructions for prevention and protection against coronavirus.

How are cars cleaned if a tenant is confirmed or suspected of having COVID-19?

In case there is such a suspicion or it is confirmed that a customer is positive for Coronavirus (COVID-19), we have established new, stricter cleaning protocols that include both the removal of the vehicle from traffic and disinfection through a specialized partner.

We advise all our customers to stay safe and be informed of the latest developments by the World Health Organization and the National Agency for Public Health. We will be here to help you with your car rental questions and to welcome you!